Honey Harvest Summary – 2017

albuquerque honey bee swarm removal captureWe just had our last harvest in September and our bees have had another good year health wise and for honey production. We got a red ribbon/second place at the state fair this year for our south valley amber honey. It’s delicious! We’ve started winterizing our hives. It’s always an unknown how many will make it through the winter. If you have explored our website then you know that we don’t treat our hives with any chemicals and we don’t import any queens. It makes for great honey but untreated pests can cause problems for the bees during the winter months which means some hives may not make it.

We look forward to next spring when the nectar starts to flow again and we see the honeybees returning to their hives with colorful pollen. In the meantime we have honey available if you’d like to purchase some. You can visit our online shop and place your order. Thank you for supporting natural honeybees.