Honey Bee Swarm Removal Hotline

Report a bee swarm in Albuquerque: Call 505-500-4780

If you see a swarm of honey bees, fast bee removal is important. To save the bees, please report it as soon as possible. Call us at 505-500-4780. Honey bee swarms are rarely dangerous, but they need a safe home where they can thrive. Beekeepers like us at Altura Honey help the bees using natural swarm removal and relocating methods. Call Altura at the phone number above. We will immediately capture the hive and remove them to a new home for you.

Be prepared to provide the following information when you call or text about bees swarming in Albuquerque, Rio Ranch, and Santa Fe.

  • How long has the swarm been there?
  • Where are they located, such as 10 feet up a tree at xxx Street, Zip Code?
  • What is your phone number?
  • Text a photo of one of the bees or of the swarm

We can only remove honey bees. If you’re not sure if it is a honey bee swarm, refer to the pictures on this page. It’s best to not bother a bee swarm.

Please do not spray a swarm with insecticide or water. It’s best to leave the swarm alone.

Local Honey Bee Removal Albuquerque (505) 500-4780

Honey bee swarms are natural

Honey bee swarming is how bee hives naturally reproduce. The swarm capture season in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe usually runs from early spring through early fall. Good moisture and warm weather and pollen supplies trigger the swarming instinct of a bee hive. Corporately, the hive decides that it is their best interest to create a new colony resulting in the raising of a new queen. The old queen will leave the hive with half of the bee population to find a new location. Swarms are bee’s natural method of colonization. We can usually safely retrieve the swarm and give it a new home within a well managed apiary. Bees captured and relocated by Altura Honey help continue the survival of bees. We need bees for food and plant pollination and for natural local Albuquerque honey.

Removal of a swarm from a wall.

A swarm of honey bees located inside the walls or eaves of a home or office usually requires an additional contractor who can remove the construction to reveal the bee hive. But collecting and removing a bee hive swarm that is out in the open is usually free. The first step is to confirm they are really honey bees.

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