The Secret Life of a Beekeeper

A TV news article that plays on the title of the Jerry Seinfeld movie  "Secret Life of a Bee".

There was a recent TV news article on the "Secret Life of a Beekeeper" that a few of my friends sent me. It was a nice article about a local Albuquerque beekeeper who lost about 60% of his hives over the winter. That hurts.

We believe our treatment-free beekeeping methods strengthen the local honeybee population by leveraging the genetics of the successful survivor population. Honeybees by their very nature diversify their genetics when the new queen mates with 30 or so drones from local hives. When those drones and queens come from treatment-free honeybee survivor stock instead of from imported bees and/or from hives that are treated (artificially supported weak genetics), their offspring's ability to cope with colony collapse environmental challenges is greatly enhanced.

That is why we have never treated our honeybees in all the years we've been keeping local honeybees. An added benefit to our natural local beekeeping is the resulting delicious Albuquerque natural local honey. Knowing your Albuquerque unfiltered natural honey was never subjected to bee treatments is comforting. And by supporting the treatment-free local bee population you are supporting sustainable natural farming practices.